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Welcome to TROY UK, the leading engineering distributor group with members throughout the UK.

Troy UK Founded on a simple logic when a group of like-minded entrepreneurs got together 29 years ago the notion of a buying group was still a novel business solution. The founder members of Troy recognised that it was a logical step tocombine their purchase volumes and use this to improve their prices and in turn become more competitive. Today the service Troy offers to its members is recognised by many as acornerstone of their continued business success. This ensures our members buy at competitive rates from major suppliers which allows them to compete with the multinational competitors determined to grab even more of their local market…

Our vision is to offer the best of both worlds…

Looking back we can see that almost from the start of widespread industrial manufacturing the independent specialist merchant has played an integral part in its development. History also shows that the large national distributors, with their rigid systems, cannot match the superior product knowledge, flexibility and commitment to service that the independent distributor delivers.

Always searching for opportunities to rationalise their supply chain, companies today recognise that national distributors try to deliver the economies of scale they crave but see that their inflexible focus on logistics, usage controls and purchasing levels must inevitably reduce their ability to maintain personal customer service.

At the last review of our members, their combined purchases were in excess of £300 million which makes Troy members collectively larger than any UK national distributor.

Troy was founded to embody both the ability to use this buying power and support the members passion as ‘owner drivers’ for the individual service they offer to their customers.

Our vision is to make Troy the most effective buying organisation for independent distributors operating in the UK and Ireland. We will do this through a combination of continuous investment in our people and information technology. This investment will focus on improving our sourcing and buying expertise together with developing acomprehensive portfolio of business services that is available to all Troy members.

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